How Does Your Skin Change in Fall?

Everyone loves seeing the leaves changing colors – the trees displayed in resplendent, vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and, well, brown.

And of course, as the seasons change, so does our skin. Well, it doesn’t change as much as react to the changes, but the effect is the same. And you should be taking action, adjusting your skin care regimen as needed to make sure your skin stays moisturized and supple. This is one of those instances where you want to preserve the status quo – assuming you’ve been taking care of your skin, that is.

Luckily, our Bioidentical approach to skin care is good year round and, in fact, already gives you a leg up on some of the other skin care products out there that simulate the benefits that Livad actually provides.

Happy Winds-Day

Now, we don’t have to point out the obvious changes in the weather – it’s cooler, drier, with a bit more blustery wind just to add to the already arid conditions.

Dry weather means dry skin. I know, that seems obvious, but for some reason, some people tend to relax on their moisturizing. Because the sun isn’t hot on their skin, they slack off on the hydration – inside and out.

It’s important to keep drinking plenty of water a day, and you’ll want to definitely lather on some of our Cool and Calming Complexion Cream. It’ll add moisture to your skin while improving the overall tone.

Cracking’s No Joke

Along with the drier weather, you’ll notice even though you’re daily moisturizing that certain parts of your body tend to get hit more by the weather and lack of humidity than the rest.

Your lips. Even when we’re covering the rest of our bodies with warmer clothing, the one area that almost always is exposed is your lips. That means the likelihood of them chapping is very high. You’ll want to apply a little balm every few hours (more if you’re in a new relationship!).

You’ll also notice, even when you’re covering them up, your joints tend to be a source of cracked skin and could even get infected and cause more pain if not properly dealt with. Our Smooth & Supple Anti-Aging Cream works wonders on those rough elbows and knees. And if you really want to cover your bases, our Vitamin A & D cream ups the ante on our Bioidentical care for maximum moisturizing and hydration.

Can’t Put Your Finger On It?

The one other area of your skin that tends to be exposed the most and get significant damage is your hands. The skin on your knuckles dries and cracks, as do your cuticles. (Here’s another secret – your hands show your age more than any other part of your body.)

Our Strong and Silky Cuticle Cream helps diminish the fine lines around your cuticles, keeps them softer and easier to trim and locks in moisture so there’s less cracking at that very annoying and painful part of your fingers.

Many other skin care products promise fuller, plumper, youthful skin, and then add exotic and unpronounceable ingredients to artificially give you a temporary look of younger skin. Our specially formulated Bioidentical mix of Vitamins A, D, & E is naturally compatible with your skins biome. That means instead of temporary results, we provide long-term benefits.

Try us out, we guarantee you’ll get results you’ll be happy with, now and in later years.

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