An Extra Hour of Beauty

You may have noticed your body is still working on Daylight Savings Time, even though we “switched it off” a few weeks ago. You’re tired earlier, partly because it’s already dark, and you find yourself waking up early.

This could be the perfect time to make an overall adjustment. Why not take the opportunity to reset your sleep clock for the rest of the year? Sure, you could try and squeeze one more thing into your calendar, but why not make a late-in-the-year resolution for better sleep and health?

Weigh Your Options

Would you believe just getting a little more sleep each night can lead to weight loss? People almost automatically reach for high calorie foods – or sugar laden coffee when they’re too tired. You may not even realize you’re doing it (admit it, you’ve had that moment when you suddenly realized you ate all the cookies). Additionally, when you don’t sleep well, the balance of hunger-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin can be thrown off, meaning you eat more because your body doesn’t relay the message that you’re full or satisfied as quickly.

There’s also evidence that your body loses a tiny bit of weight while you sleep and the more sleep you get, the better the results. And if you get too little sleep, your body’s reaction can cancel out many of the effects of the diet and exercise program you’re on.

One to Grow On

Another advantage to sleep is that your body releases its natural growth hormone. When you’re a teenager, that’s what often causes overnight growth spurts and natural body development.

Growth hormone also stimulates collagen growth. And it doesn’t stop when your body stops growing – collagen production continues well into adulthood and it makes your skin softer and more elastic.

Supplement that with Livad’s Smooth and Supple Anti-Aging Cream. Bioidentical vitamins A, D, and E are naturally found in your body, which means less irritation and more long term benefits for you. Our special formula is naturally compatible with your skin’s biome and works beyond fine lines and wrinkles for long term improvement without artificially plumping your skin.

Sleep on it!

But as much as we love our skincare products and the benefits they provide, the very best thing you can do for your skin is to get a good night’s sleep. While you sleep, your skin undergoes a deep, restorative process, accelerating its natural healing and rejuvenating process. It also allows your skin cells to flourish and replicate, replacing the older skin cells with newer ones.

Sleep also helps our brains clear out mental toxins – those voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough – and it builds connections between new important memories. It relieves mental as well as physical stress. Sleep allows your body to reset, but also improves your average heart rate, reduces your blood pressure and slows your breathing.

There’s also new evidence that just one more hour of sleep per night can switch on certain genetic expressions that help your body’s natural defense against diabetes, cancer and inflammation.

So take advantage of that “extra hour” of sleep every day to make your morning skin care regimen more effective and add years to your skin and your life!

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