The Gift of Self Beauty and Wellness

Whether you’ve just finished celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, you probably got several gifts from your family and friends. But as delighted as you probably were with those presents, there are some gifts you need that you can only give yourself.

The Gift of Relaxation

While this time of year is thought of as the most joyous and festive, it can also be a stressful and sometimes depressing time of year as well. In this busy season, it can seem like there’s less time than usual to take a moment just for yourself. But you need to. Relaxation as a daily practice is vital to our mental health and well-being. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Taking a moment to calm your breathing, sitting down to rest, or going for a short, brisk walk are all ways of clearing your mind and releasing stress. The rewards are more creativity, more motivation and a better memory.

The Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

Part of this goes back to the relaxation – taking time for your body and mind to rejuvenate, even if it’s only minutes a day. But it also means planning your meals so that you’re eating healthy and avoiding the multitude of snacks – salty & sweet that pop up especially often this time of year. Plan exercise time – even if it’s just a short spurt during the holidays. You’ll feel healthier, less bloated, and you’ll be more likely to continue the pattern you’ve established when you have more time to spend. Set an overall goal for 2018, then add several steps along the way. By celebrating these milestones, you remind yourself of what you’re doing and why, at the same time flooding your mind with endorphins for each victory along the way. Even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal, you’re going to get a lot closer than the usual New Year’s resolutions that somehow always disappear between January and February.

The Gift of Peace of Mind

No, we’re not talking about life insurance here, although that’s something you should probably consider. In this case, we’re talking about forgiveness, mentally letting go of what bothers you. Especially this time of year, old wounds and feuds can suddenly resurface. By choosing how to react, you take control of the situation and the mental and physical distress it can cause. What’s more, choosing to let go of hurts, whether the offending party asks for forgiveness or not, increases your well-being. Don’t let someone else’s anger or suspicion cause you pain. Let it go.

The Gift of Self-Confidence

It might surprise you to learn that the person most responsible for high or low self-confidence is yourself. It’s easy to blame others who might have insulted you, questioned you, or tried to make you feel less about yourself. And all of those contribute, but the loudest critical voice most of us hear is the one inside our own head. Much like the gift of peace of mind, you can choose how you speak to yourself. Instead of being critical, stress-inducing, and belittling yourself, why not encourage yourself just as you would a friend in need. By taking that approach, you can find yourself with a more optimistic outlook, with less anger, feeling armored against the challenges and conflicts you might face. You are enough, you just need to remind yourself of that.

The Gift of Beautiful Skin

When it comes to your skin, you need to focus on what truly matters. Many skincare lines use fillers and other ingredients that cause your skin to plump and look younger, but are literally only skin deep. Natural oils, antioxidants, and bioidentical vitamins are fundamental to unveiling your skin’s natural beauty. Add on a restorative moisturizer that complements your skin, and you have the keys to longer-lasting, true beauty that everyone can see. Check out our Winter Savior or Holiday Spa bundle to get you started and see the difference Livad Skincare can make for you.

One final note: all of the gifts on this list, in fact, aren’t just for your benefit – they are gifts you give to your loved ones as well as to yourself. Giving yourself these presents of self-love encourages everyone around you. And it keeps you sane and healthy enough to help and inspire them too.

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